Black Pepper Sauce
Black Pepper Sauce

Black pepper is a common spice in South-East Asian cuisine. You will find black pepper sauce to be a key ingredient of many stir-fries in Malaysian, Indonesian, and other cuisines. The traditional way of making the sauce involves making a paste with crushed peppercorns and other ingredients. However, most people do not have the time to use the conventional method. They prefer to use readymade pastes that can be used straight out of a packet. This helps them cook delicious food quickly. The market is full of sauces by different brands. An important question that customers face is which the best product to use is. Here we provide you with a definitive answer to this question.

What Does A Black Pepper Sauce Recipe Include?

Before we discuss who makes the best sauce, let us know what the ingredients of the recipe are. Apart from the peppercorns, you need onions, garlic, red chilies, galangal, and cloves to make the paste. You must also have soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and vegetable oil for cooking. Onions are fried and then other spices are added followed by the rest of the ingredients at different stages of the cooking process. All the ingredients must be of the best quality to make a flavorful paste. Whether you cook beef in black pepper sauce or any other meat, it will taste amazing only when you source fresh ingredients.   

Who Makes The Best Black Pepper Sauce?

Let us now discuss the key question. It can be safely said that AsianMeals offers the best sauce made with peppercorns in Malaysia. The brand is owned by Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd. The group has been in the food manufacturing business for more than 30 years. It was started to preserve the rich tradition of Malaysian cuisine and food culture. The company started with one product and today has a vast library of over 350 products. In addition to sauces and cooking pastes, it also makes rice noodle soup bowls. The company stresses using only authentic recipes for making its products. It has chosen the best instant noodles recipe in Malaysia to make its noodle soup bowls.

Why Is The Sauce Made By AsianMeals The Best?

You must be wondering why the sauce offered by AsianMeals should be considered as the best. The first reason is that the brand uses Sarawak peppercorns for making the sauce. This variety is known for its taste and aroma. The other ingredients of the paste are also chosen only after ensuring their high quality. Just like AsianMeals uses the best instant noodles recipe for its noodle bowls, it uses an authentic recipe for making the sauce. This helps its customers enjoy the perfect tasting stir-fries and other dishes that use the ingredient. Moreover, no product by the company includes preservatives and artificial colors. It uses only non-GMO ingredients for making its pastes, sauces, and other items. When you choose AsianMeals, you are assured of rich and authentic taste along with a healthy eating experience.

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