instant noodles

Hearing the term “instant noodles” brings instant shine to the eyes. Instant noodles are loved everywhere and it is hard to find a person who does not like them. One of the most popular reasons for making it so popular is that anyone can cook it easily and they are so handy.

Instant noodles are not only quick and simple to prepare but also they are so versatile you can easily add many types of ingredients as per your choice. You can add vegetables, pepperoni, eggs, chicken, and almost anything to make it the best instant noodles recipe for your taste.

5 Recipes For Cooking Instant Noodles With A Difference

Here we are going to share some distinct ways to cook them. We are assured that you will like them so much that you won’t cook them the same way again as you may be doing it right now.

Egg with Sliced Steak: Craving to eat something yummy for breakfast? Right before you put the burner off, crack in an egg for poaching, then put the burner off. Let it cook with the lid on for two minutes. Then, toss a few fried slices of steak and you are going to have a fantastic bowl of breakfast!

Sliced Cheese: Putting sliced cheese in a very simple and effective way to make a delicious bowl of the instant recipe. Just place a couple of cheese slices as your instant noodles are cooked and leave it for a while to melt.

Garlic with Soy Sauce: Garlic is an incredible herb that can easily zing up an ordinary bowl of noodles. While cooking it, simply put minced garlic with a splash of soy sauce to attain an offbeat flavour. Make sure the garlic is getting cooked evenly and for a while.

Sesame Oil & Soy Sauce: Add a zesty quotient to your instant noodle recipe with the addition of sesame oil and soy sauce. Just after it is cooked, pour a little amount of toasted sesame oil with a splash of soy sauce.

Stir Fry Instant Noodles: Stir fry some meat and your favourite veggies with AsianMeals stir fry sauce and toss it with already boiled noodles. You are in for a great meal with a unique taste in quick time.

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