Prawn sambal, commonly known as Sambal Udang, is a popular accompaniment to Nasi Lemak (coconut rice). The shellfish that works extremely well with this spicy and tasty sambal is udang, which means ‘prawn.’ Belacan, or shrimp paste, is essential in this recipe since it provides a delicate salty flavor. This spicy seafood dish is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. This dish has several variants in local Indian, Chinese, and Malay cuisine.

Why Should Everyone Try This Recipe?

There are several tips for preparing the greatest sambal udang. It is critical to have the ideal aromatic ratio. For example, using too much garlic in a recipe may cause the food to taste harsh. The order of sautéing the components since it’s equally as crucial, otherwise the ingredients won’t taste as good. This essential phase is known as ‘tumis’ in Malay, which literally translates to’sauté’.

This recipe also ensures rich, juicy sambal udang. The viscous sauce coats the prawns beautifully, almost like jam, providing each bite with a little spice, sourness, and sweetness.

How To Cook A Tasty Sambal Udang?

It is critical that the cili boh (chili paste) be cooked until the oil separates. This is an indication that the chili paste has finished cooking. The meal’s flavors are enhanced by adding shallots and other aromatics. You will notice umami flavors from fragrant caramelization.

Avoid The Bitterness

Some people may point out that the sambal udang is slightly bitter. Usually, you will only notice this after you have finished the dish. To avoid the bitter taste, take these steps:

  • Do not overcook – This involves cooking the food for an excessive amount of time or using an excessive amount of heat. This may cause the components to burn and produce an unpleasant bitterness.
  • Soak and boil the dried chiles – If you’re creating your own cili boh, skip this step (chili paste).

How To Serve The Sambal Udang?

This fiery sambal complements rice, Masak Lodeh (coconut milk vegetables), Lempeng, Roti Jala (lacy pancakes), steaming glutinous rice, and even fried noodles.

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