Tasty Noodles

Noodles have been an integral part of cuisines from all over the world. They are said to be very important in their culture. There are different types of noodles with their specific taste, colours, shapes, and cooking techniques. As far as we know noodles are known by countries worldwide yet each has its own distinct style of making them.

Malaysia is no different. There are various types of noodle dishes that are famous in Malaysia. One of them is the black pepper udon noodles made with black pepper sauce.

We bet you are feeling hungry after all this noodle talk. Well, you are in luck because AsianMeals has got your back. We have some appetizing noodle recipes with our special sauces that will definitely satiate your cravings.

Brilliant Noodle Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Sauces

1. Cantonese Yee Mee With AsianMeals Oriental Stir Fry sauce


  • 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Oriental Stir Fry sauce
  • 80gm dried Yee Mee
  • 50gm prawns, cleaned, deshelled, and deveined
  • 50gm chicken meat, sliced thinly
  • 50gm mustard greens, cut into 1-inch slices
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 1 small carrot, sliced thinly
  • 1 egg
  • 240ml water or stock
  • Optional pickled green chili slices as condiments

Cooking Method:

  • Preheat the wok, and add in Asian Meals Oriental Stir Fry sauce. Dilute with water and bring to a simmer.
  • Add in chicken and prawns, cover to cook for 2~3 minutes
  • Lower heat to medium, add in vegetables and cook for a further 2 minutes. Turn off the flame, add in the egg, and stir well when ready to serve.
  • Place dried Yee Mee on a plate and pour the cooked gravy mix over it. Serve with pickled green chilies in soy sauce on the side.

Chef tips: You can also use rice vermicelli or flat rice noodles as an alternative, but these must be fried with a little oil first so that the noodles are precooked.

2. Black Pepper Udon With AsianMeals Black Pepper Sauce


  • 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Black Pepper sauce
  • 200gm udon noodles
  • 50gm prawns, deshelled
  • 50gm boneless chicken meat, sliced
  • 30gm red capsicum, cut into strips
  • 30gm green capsicum, cut into strips
  • 30gm French beans, cut into slices

Cooking Method:

  • Preheat the wok then add in Asian Meals Black Pepper sauce.
  • Add chicken and prawns, stir fry for 2 minutes.
  • Lower heat to medium, add vegetables, mix well and cover for 2 minutes.
  • Add noodles, stir fry for a further 2 minutes and serve.

Chef tips: Other ingredients like prawns, squid, and onions may also be added to these noodle dishes.

3. Mee Siam (Spicy Frie Vermicelli) With AsianMeals Sambal Tumis Sauce


  • 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce
  • 300gm rice noodles, pre-blanched
  • 40gm prawns, cleaned and deveined
  • 40gm chicken meat, sliced
  • 30gm bean sprouts
  • 1 medium red chili, cut into strips

Garnishing: fried shallots and strips of plain omelette

Cooking Method:

  • Preheat the wok and add in Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce.
  • At high heat, add chicken and prawns, and stir fry for 2 minutes.
  • Add in rice noodles and vegetables, stir fry for a further 3 minutes, and garnish to serve.

Chef tips: Rice noodles can be replaced with pasta, best with angel hair pasta.

We hope you enjoy all the above recipes. But what about the times when you don’t feel like cooking and just want something instant yet tasty. AsianMeals presents Instant Malaysian noodles. We have varieties of instant noodles on our menu. Starting from Malaysian Garlic Sesame, Malaysian Curry Laksa, Thai Tom Yum, and many more.

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So next time when you are feeling hungry and have no time to cook, go for AsianMeals as you have a vast range of meat curry paste for you to try your hands on.  Also, don’t forget to try the above-mentioned recipes with AsianMeals sauces for an exquisite eating experience.