In Malaysia, instant noodles can be found in almost every kitchen. They allow you to satisfy your hunger in a quick and enjoyable manner. They are popular eatables that cross age and gender barriers due to their quick and easy preparation. Let us share some intriguing ideas and strategies for making delicious instant noodles in Malaysia.

How to Make Amazing Instant Noodles?

1. Put The Rice Noodles In Warm Water

Because rice noodles are fragile and cannot be boiled like pasta, they should be immersed in warm water. As a result, you must briefly immerse them in slightly warm or essential water at room temperature.

Instead of boiling, briefly soak the Malaysian instant noodles to keep them from becoming mushy during the stir-frying process. Cook the noodles in the liquid if you’re making a rice noodle soup bowl.

2. Make Them Loosen For A While

Stir the Instant Noodles gently while immersed in water to keep them from sticking together. Slow stirring ensures that they absorb water gradually while preserving structural integrity.

When they loosen up significantly with a change in texture, taste one to see if it’s cooked enough to make a tasty rice noodle dish. This all happens in a matter of minutes, though the time may vary depending on the thickness.

3. Drain The Water After Sufficient Soaking

To avoid oversoaking, drain the water and rinse with cold water. Otherwise, you risk making a mushy mess while making rice noodle soup. Use a little oil to keep them from sticking together while stir-frying.

4. Stir Them Carefully

When stir-frying the best instant rice noodles recipe in Malaysia, keep the rice noodles spread out clearly in the wok. To keep the bunch of rice noodles from becoming a pulpy ball, gently stir with a spatula. The outcome may be disappointing if the noodles cling together.

5. Cook Rice Noodles On High Heat

Cooking instant rice noodle dishes at a higher temperature allows the moisture in the pan to evaporate more quickly. Allow the recipe to develop a smokey flavor without overheating. To get the best flavor, taste a little bit at a time.

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