Secret of Cooking Amazing Rice Noodles Instantly

Instant noodles are something that can be found in almost every kitchen. You get to satisfy your hunger in a quick yet tasty way through them. Their quick and easy preparation make them highly affectionate eatable items transcending the age and gender barriers. Let us share some exciting tips and tricks to cook the best instant rice noodles recipe in Malaysia.

Immerse rice noodles in warm water: Rice noodles are delicate and you can not boil them like pasta. Thus, you need to submerge them in slightly warm or simple water at room temperature for a while. Instead of boiling, just soak the rice noodles a little to avoid turning them into a mushy mess while you’re stir-frying. If you’re making a rice noodle soup bowl, then you should cook them directly in the broth.

Loosen them for a while: Stir the noodles with soft hands for a while immersed in water to avoid them sticking together. Slow stirring ensures that they will absorb the water slowly without losing structural integrity. Once they loosen up significantly with a change in texture, taste one of them to check whether it’s cooked sufficiently or not to cook a fine rice noodle recipe. All this usually occurs within minutes and time may vary a bit according to the thickness.

Drain the water after sufficient soaking: Drain the water to stop the chances of oversoaking, then rinse them with a bit of cold water otherwise you are inviting a mushy mess while preparing a rice noodle soup bowl. You can use a bit of oil while stir-frying to avoid sticking them together.

Stir them carefully in the wok: For preparing the finest kind of instant rice noodles recipe in Malaysia, make sure you keep the rice noodles spread distinctly in the wok while stir-frying. Carefully stir the spatula to avoid the bunch of rice noodles becoming a pulpy ball. If the noodles stick together, you may get disappointed with the outcome.

Cook rice noodles on high heat: By keeping the higher temperature while cooking instant rice noodle recipes, you let the moisture evaporate from your pan at a faster rate. Let the recipe attain a smoky flavour while avoiding it getting burnt. You can taste a bit constantly to ensure the best taste.

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