What Malaysian Dishes You Can Cook With AsianMeals Products?

Everyone craves for deliciousness in their food items especially while cooking classic recipes. If you are going to cook any renowned Malaysian recipe like rendang dish, sambal or assam pedas based dish for your next meal and want to make it highly appetising, you are going to have perfect solutions here.

Make your food classic by infusing incredible levels of delicacy and aroma with AsianMeals sauces and readymade pastes such as sambal tumis sauce, meat curry paste and so on. Here we are going to mention some of the classic recipes and the corresponding AsianMeals food products you will need to put as an ingredient into them. Use them while cooking the respective recipes to make them juicy and flavourful.

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Sambal Tumis Sauce

  • Beans or vegetables sambal stir fry
  • Sambal udang / prawns sambal
  • Sambal ikan bakar / grilled fish sambal
  • Sotong kembang masak sambal / squid sambal
  • Ikan pari bakar sambal / stingray grilled sambal
  • Sambal telur rebus / eggs sambal

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Rendang Curry Paste

  • Rendang beef / beef rendang
  • Rendang tok
  • Rendang ayam
  • Rendang ayam / chicken rendang
  • Rendang ayam simple / simple chicken rendang
  • Rendang daging / beef rendang

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Meat Curry Paste

  • Chicken curry / kari ayam
  • Kari daging / meat curry
  • Ayam goreng berempah / spiced fried chicken
  • Ayam masak kari / chicken curry
  • Kari ayam / chicken curry

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Black Pepper Sauce

  • Ayam black pepper / ayam lada hitam / black pepper chicken
  • Daging black pepper / black pepper beef

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Assam Pedas Sauce

  • Assam prawns
  • Ikan asam pedas / asam pedas fish

Recipes That Can Be Made With AsianMeals Oriental Stir Fry Sauce

  • Fried rice / egg fried rice / Chinese fried rice / nasi goreng
  • Shrimp stir fry recipe
  • Bok choy stir fry
  • Vegetable stir fry noodles
  • Chicken claypot
  • Claypot chicken rice
  • Beef stew
  • Stir fry vegetables

So next time while cooking any one of the above mentioned popular Malaysian dishes, you know what ingredient you need to make it highly appetising. Explore the impressive range to buy premium quality kitchen companion sauces and readymade pastes offered by AsianMeals and discover the best suitable choices to add to your pantry. Keep cooking delightful dishes,  to serve to your loved ones and make them feel delighted.