Black Pepper Sauce

Black pepper is a wonderful spice and any kitchen can be rendered incomplete without it. Black pepper sauce is such a versatile ingredient that can be used in cooking just about any dish or can be simply consumed even with instant noodles. It brings a sophisticated flavour profile of its own kind. Black pepper is one of the oldest known spices that carry a huge history.

If you love cooking with it, we are assured you would love to know more about it and its varieties that can help you attain a better taste for your next meal.

Black Pepper And Its Versatile Application

Black peppercorn is primarily a spice that is getting used in numerous cuisines all over the world today. It enhances the flavour of food, adding depth and some spiciness. It’s sold as either whole peppercorns or in a number of different varieties including black pepper sauce and black pepper powder.

We recommend that you always invest in a good-quality sauce whether it is black pepper or stir fry sauce. The flavour of fine-quality pepper sauce is more vibrant and powerful than pre-ground pepper.

In ancient times, the black pepper aka “King of Spices” was used for versatile applications you may never have imagined. It was applicable in everything from mummification rituals to currency. During Roman times, the spice trade made the spice far more available for different continents, subsequently making pepper a precious part of many cuisines.

Other Types of Pepper Along With Black Pepper

There are three major types – black, green, and white. They all are not the same but come from the same bush.

–  Black peppercorns are fully mature. With the virtue of piperine, a chemical compound present in its skin, this one has the strongest flavour.

–  White peppercorns are fully ripe berries that are fermented and stripped of the outer skin. These are slightly more nose-prickling yet lesser in the strength of black ones. White peppercorns are mostly used for aesthetic purposes in a white sauce.

–  Green peppercorns are immature berries. These are extracted either by drying or brining the berries prematurely. They are milder than black pepper and primarily used in many dishes of Asian cuisine.

–  Pink peppercorns or red peppercorns are a slightly different variety of pepper that originates from the Peruvian pepper tree. It is used either as a garnish or in simple salad dressings. Pink peppercorns add a vibrant heat with a visual appeal to the dishes due to their bright colour.

–  Szechuan pepper is not exactly a type of pepper. It is a pod of an Asian berry that looks like peppercorn when dried. It has a mild lemony flavour that causes a tingly sensation when consumed. It is a key ingredient in the Chinese spice blend.

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