How To Include Black Pepper Sauce In Your Diet To Lose Your Weight

Black pepper is one of the most staple spices found in kitchens. It makes the food not only mouth-watering but comprises amazing health benefits too. With the inclusion of black pepper sauce in your diet, you tend to remove toxins from the body due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also, it stimulates the appetite and aids digestion.

Along with all these health benefits, black pepper also works splendidly to aid weight loss. As black pepper is used discerningly in kitchens for making various dishes, the following are some meals you can cook that have black pepper sauce or simply black pepper as an intrinsic ingredient and are also delicious.

Black Pepper Murgh Recipe

For making Murgh Kali Mirch or Black pepper Murgh, you have to marinate your chicken with black pepper sauce along with curd, ginger, garlic, besan. You may also add solid or powdered black pepper here to attain a unique color and taste. After that grill it or bake it. Chicken smeared with black pepper and a hint of lime juice will make for a perfect appetizer.

Stir Fry Udon Noodle Recipe

If you are thinking of having some Chinese food instantly, you can cook your udon instant noodles with black pepper sauce and solid black pepper along with other ingredients like sprouts and capsicum. This dish can satisfy your appetite without taking much time in preparation. You can double the taste of your meal with the further addition of pepper sauce.

Black Pepper Sauce Beef Recipes

Malaysians are known as avid beef eaters in South-East Asia. Black pepper sauce and beef make for unmatchable mouth-watering dishes that most food aficionados can not resist. You can learn to make a few of them by visiting – 3 Black Pepper Sauce Beef Recipes You Will Absolutely Love

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