How to Cook Relishing Ayam Assam Pedas with AsianMeals Assam Pedas Sauce?

Malay cooking combines a rich taste of herbs and spices. The flavour is often strong, spicy and aromatic. Malay food tastes so good that it often involves a series of complex steps requiring people to come out of their comfort zone. Preparing Ayam Assam Pedas., on the other hand, is a comparatively easier recipe to cook which tastes amazing too, especially when cooked with AsianMeals Assam Pedas Sauce. Ayam Assam Pedas is basically chicken cooked in tamarind sauce giving a sour taste to the dish.

Let us have a quick look at the ingredients and steps involved in making tasty Ayam Assam Pedas.


  • 1 pack of 120gm Asianmeals Assam Pedas sauce
  • 400 gms of chicken, cut into serving sizes
  • 5 Ocras
  • 1 large tomato, quartered
  • 1 round eggplant, quartered

Recipe of Ayam Assam Pedas (Chicken In Tamarind Gravy):

  • Saute chicken pieces with AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce.
  • Add 120 ml of water, mix well.
  • Lower the flame & simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add in ocra, tomatoes & eggplant.
  • Mix well & simmer for another 3 minutes to serve.

Inviting Guests Over Dinner?

“Good food brings people together.”

If you have guests coming over for dinner and do not know what to cook, Ayam Assam Pedas is a perfect choice. Preparing restaurant-style Ayam Pedas. at home was never this easy as it is with AsianMeals Assam Pedas Sauce. You get highly appetising to serve that will certainly leave your guests spellbound.

AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce brings out the best texture and flavour of your Ayam Assam Pedas. Share the recipe with your loved ones, serve the delight and spread the love. You can also prepare a variety of other mouth-watering dishes using the sauce such as ikan assam pedas, pes assam pedas and others.

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