The term “rendang” does not actually refer to a dish. In essence, the term refers to a particular method for producing soft, mouthwatering meat and is philosophical in nature. Due to a sophisticated cooking method, rendang paste has a distinctive flavor. As a result, Rendang was recognized as the 11th-best food in the world by CNN in 2021.

Where Does Rendang Paste Come From?

The genesis of Rendang paste will always be a contentious issue. However, we believe that Western Sumatran’s Indonesian Minangkabau population deserves some of the praise.

The Minangkabau ethnic group is primarily found in Malaysia’s Negeri Sembilan. In this matriarchal society, the woman is the head of the household. Rendang is found in modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines.

What Are The Different Rendang Varieties?

While beef is typically used to make rendang, it can also be made with various other ingredients, such as potatoes, prawns, lamb, duck, liver, and a species of fern called paku pakis. Additionally, rendang paste is utilized for effective cooking. There are about 50 different Rendang types in Malaysia.

The dish comes in a variety of forms in Malaysia as well. Some of the most well-known rendang include Rendang Tok in Perak, Nyonya Rendang, and Rendang Minangkabau. Many people in the country use rendang paste sauce to prepare the meal. They may quickly and easily create the food they want.

Best Recipe Using Rendang Paste By AsianMeals

Today rendang paste can easily be found in every Malaysian kitchen. You may use it to prepare a wide range of dishes. Let us see the most famous among them.

➢ Beef Rendang With AsianMeals Rendang Paste


● 120gm of Asian Meals Rendang paste
● 400gm of beef, chopped into serving sizes
● 120ml of coconut milk

Cooking Method:

● Preheat a pot to add in Asian Meals Rendang paste.
● Add beef to the sauté, and mix well until the beef is almost cooked.
● Stir in coconut milk, then boil, reduce heat, and simmer on low flame until gravy thickens to serve.

Chef tips: Asian Meals Rendang paste can also be used in the same way for chicken and prawns. Best to simmer until gravy thickens to coat the meat.

Use Asian Meals’ Rendang Paste For Effortless Cooking

The curry paste, which is a concoction of ground herbs, spices, and seasonings, gives curries their powerful flavour. There are many different types of curry paste, and many of them have a long list of components. The good news is that high-quality curry and rendang pastes are easily available, including ready-made pastes and sauces from AsianMeals.