Readymade meat curry paste is a fantastic culinary creation. It has simplified cooking by reducing the amount of time required for preparation. You no longer have to go through the trouble of grinding spices and preparing your favourite cuisine.

Curries are, unsurprisingly, the most common application for beef curry paste. To make one, begin with the curry paste, add the protein or veggies, and end with a liquid-like stock or coconut milk.

But one of the problems genuinely faced by people who make meat curry pastes is its storage. Fresh pastes prepared from powerful aromatics and spices are used to make the tastiest Malay curries. Whether you bought a commercial curry paste or produced a huge batch yourself, you don’t want to squander a single drop of that delectable flavour bomb!

This Is How You Can Store Meat Curry Pastes

1. Store In The Fridge

Place any remaining meat curry paste in a glass jar or plastic container. Stir the curry paste with a spoon, then press it down to make a level surface. This prevents air bubbles from becoming trapped within and decreases the surface area on top.

The less exposed the paste is to air, the longer it will last (reducing the risk of oxidisation and mould growth). Screw on a suitable cover to establish an airtight seal and then store it inside the fridge. If you wish to store the paste for a maximum of 3-5 days, this is the ideal storage option.

2. Keep It The Freezer

It is always recommended to double or triple recipes and make bigger amounts of meat curry pastes or sauces so you can enjoy excellent Asian food each night of the week. Curry paste may be frozen, but there are some important factors to consider before doing so. The key to freezing curry paste is to divide leftovers into single-serve amounts. There are two simple and practical methods for freezing curry paste in single-serving packets.

3. Ice Cube Trays

Meat curry paste ingredients may discolour plastic, so either sprays the tray with cooking oil or use a brush to cover the interior of the tray with a little oil before portioning your paste into an ice cube tray.

This will assist to protect the trays from staining and guarantee that the paste can be easily removed once frozen. Fill the trays halfway with the paste and set in the freezer until totally frozen (at least 2 hours).

4. Plastic Wrap

Lay a layer of plastic wrap flat on your work surface. Measure out single doses of curry paste and arrange them on the plastic wrap in little dabs or balls (about 5cm apart from each other in rows).

Once you’ve used up all of the curry paste, place another layer of plastic wrap over the top.

Press down around the borders of each ball and cut in between each part with scissors.

Once sliced, carefully wrap the plastic around the curry paste to ensure a solid seal.

Enjoy Delicious Meals With AsianMeals Meat Curry Paste 

Overall, ready-made meat curry pastes are a wonderful way for everyone to produce dishes quickly and simply.

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