readymade paste in Malaysia

Are you a food service entrepreneur looking for ways to reduce your operational costs? Using readymade pastes for cooking can help you achieve the purpose. Businesses in the food service industry walk a tightrope between providing quality meals and managing costs. A commercial kitchen has to purchase foodgrains, meats, vegetables, spices, dairy products, and numerous other items in bulk. Apart from that, B2C enterprises like restaurants have to manage extra expenses for paying property rent and managing the decor of the outlet. Ensuring good quality food while optimizing the operational costs to make sufficient profits is not an easy task. However, making changes like switching to pre-mix cooking pastes can help in easing their burden. Let’s dive into the topic to understand the benefits of readymade sauces for restaurants.

Why You Must Buy Readymade Cooking Pastes For Your Restaurant?

1. Reduces Labor Strain And Costs

A commercial kitchen needs a team of junior chefs, line cooks, and kitchen porters along with the head chef. The staff at the junior level is mainly entrusted with the job of making the necessary preparations for cooking the menu dishes. For instance, they must chop onions, ginger, garlic, vegetables besides carving up meat in different sizes. Once these basic preparations are done, the chefs can easily ready the orders. These chores consume a lot of time and also put a lot of strain on the junior staff. Restaurants and catering services have to hire extra hands to manage the increased workload during peak season. When you start using readymade curry pastes and other such items, your staff does not need to cut and chop spices and various other ingredients. Furthermore, you do not need to hire extra people to manage the tasks. 

2. Allows You to Create A Simple Standard Operating Procedure 

Every commercial kitchen follows a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage its day-to-day activities. An SOP helps in streamlining the food preparation procedure and in managing the available resources. The more the ingredients you use, the greater the steps in your SOP. A long and complex process can confuse your staff and put them under pressure. When you start buying from readymade paste manufacturers instead of sourcing multiple spices individually, it allows you to simplify the operating procedure. The steps are automatically reduced and the process becomes easier to follow.

3. Significantly Reduce Your Operational Costs

The biggest benefit of switching to readymade pastes for cooking is that it will drastically bring down your operational costs. Let’s say your restaurant in Malaysia serves various dishes that use black pepper. Now, sourcing the best variety of the spice like Sarawak black pepper is going to be expensive. Add to that the expenses of purchasing other spices and ingredients like shallots, ginger, garlic, etc. On the other hand, when you use a pre-mix like the black pepper sauce, then you do not need to source each item separately. This helps in cutting down the costs involved in purchasing the ingredients. 

4. A Leaner Inventory Is Easier To Control

Commercial kitchens use perishable goods and it is important to keep a close watch on the inventory to prevent food from spoiling. The greater the number of items in your inventory, the more difficult it is to control it. Switching to readymade paste suppliers makes sense as it helps you in the organization of your inventory. The number of ingredients is reduced which means that there are lesser products to keep track of. Moreover, the move also lessens the chances of incurring losses due to rotten items. 

5. Allows You To Set Competitive Menu Prices

The objective of any business is to make profits and restaurants are no different. Do you know that when you buy readymade pastes online, it gives you a chance to boost your returns? Switching to pre-made mixes for cooking helps you in reducing costs. You also need lesser staff to manage your business. This means that you now enjoy a greater margin while setting menu prices. You can offer most of the items at competitive rates without compromising on quality. 

Why Readymade Pastes By AsianMeals Are The Best For Your Restaurant?

Switching to pre-mix cooking sauces is hugely beneficial for food service businesses. But you will have to partner with a reliable readymade paste manufacturer to enjoy the complete benefits. Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd offers cooking pastes, sauces, sips, and various other products under the AsianMeals brand. It has been in the business for more than 30 years and will be the perfect partner for your restaurant due to the following reasons.

1. All Products Are Based On Traditional Recipes

AsianMeals was established with a vision to preserve and promote and the rich heritage of Malaysian cuisine. The company extensively researches traditional recipes and methods before finalizing a readymade paste recipe. This infuses its products with authentic flavors, colors, and textures. When you cook with AsianMeals, your customers will not be able to tell whether the dish was prepared with separate ingredients or a pre-mix.

2. Each Product Can Make Multiple Dishes

AsianMeals is easily the best readymade paste in Malaysia for commercial kitchens due to one simple reason. You can cook multiple dishes with any one of the products offered by the brand. There is no need to purchase a separate paste for every dish on your menu. For instance, you can make oriental beef stew, claypot chicken, Hainanese noodles, Yong Chow fried rice, stir-fry vegetables, and many other dishes with its Stir Fry sauce.

3. Completely Healthy & Certified Halal Products

AsianMeals is one of the most reputed readymade cooking pastes suppliers and manufacturers in Malaysia. The company does not use artificial colors and preservatives in its pastes and sauces. All its products are non-GMO and without MSG. It adheres to all the major international food safety standards such as GMP, HACCP, FSC 22000, etc. The company also possesses ISO certifications and is registered with the US FDA. All its products are certified Halal. The company beat 53 international finalists to win the “Going Global Award 2019” from the US-based International Trade Council. The award was a recognition of the stellar work done by AsianMeals in exporting Halal sauces to its target markets that include highly competitive markets such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and other countries.

Partner with AsianMeals to source readymade pastes for your kitchen and reduce the operational expenses of your food service business.