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ASIANMEALS® is an outpouring true restaurant quality Asian sauces which are complete, wholesome and authentic.

To date ASIANMEALS® has a full range of sauces totalling over 400 products covering a very wide range of Asian flavours.

ASIANMEALS® sauces are complete, simple and flexible to use. So simple, that we call this an “idiot proof” cooking.

ASIANMEALS® minimise your prep work, minimise your cooking and keeps your kitchen clean and tidy.

The challenge in commercial cooking is consistency of the menu items. With ASIANMEALS® sauces, simple standard operating procedures (S.O.P) can be maintained to ensure consistent quality day in and day out.

Certainly, you can create a range of signature dishes with one or even a combination of sauces.

Without preservation, ASIANMEALS® can have a shelf life of 24 months. Once opened, they can be kept in a refrigerator easily for another week.

Yes, you can through our website on www.asianmeals.com

Kindly visit our website www.asianmeals.com or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asianmeals

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