Spices are an integral part of the food cultures across Asia. The eponymous spice in the black pepper sauce is a key ingredient in various cuisines. Rarely you will find a kitchen across Malaysia, Indonesia, or India without black pepper. The small dark-colored globules add a spicy, hot tang to dishes that people in these regions love. But do you know that black pepper also provides numerous health benefits besides enhancing your meal’s flavor? Its sharp flavor remains the chief reason why it features prominently in many recipes of South-East Asian cuisines. But it can be said that its health benefits may have played a role in its inclusion in various food cultures. Below we have listed a few of the important health benefits of the spice. Go through them and we are certain that you will sprinkle a bit in your rice noodle soup bowl!

1. Possesses the Potential to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases to affect mankind. Organizations around the world spend millions of dollars in researching cures for the different types of cancer. Studies have found that piperine found in black pepper can help in preventing the disease. A study that compared over 50 spices found that piperine was the most effective when it came to fighting cancer. Its potential significantly increases when combined with turmeric. It is another spice that is a staple in Asian kitchens. This is one of the strongest reasons to use black pepper sauce in your cooking.

2. Effective against Cough and Cold

Most people of Indian ethnicity will be aware of the cold-curing properties of black pepper. It is antibacterial in nature and can be effective in fighting cough and cold. People can crush and mix it with honey or just add a few sprinkles in green tea. Taking the concoction will help in reducing the congestion in the chest. Various factors like exposure to severe cold, flu, viral infection, and pollution can cause chest congestion. Adding the spice to a hot meal like a rice noodle soup bowl will also do the trick.

3. Helps in Good Digestion

A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and some other factors have made digestion-related issues one of the most common health issues for urban people. You must do some physical activity besides developing healthy eating habits to avoid these problems. Do not eat too much of processed items like instant noodles. If you are suffering from digestive issues, then you must include black pepper sauce in your diet. Piperine can stimulate the stomach so that it releases more hydrochloric acid. This, in turn, helps in digesting proteins. The spice has the capability of speeding up your digestive process.

4. Rich Source of Anti-oxidants

An excess of free radicals in your body can cause serious health issues. These are unstable molecules that are created naturally through activities like digestion and exercising. But free radicals can also be formed if humans are exposed to an excess of sunlight, pollution, or smoke. Another reason why you must keep the spice or readymade pastes based on it, in your kitchen is that it is rich in ant-oxidants.  It has flavonoids, carotenes, Vitamins A and C, besides other antioxidants. However, to get the full benefit of the antioxidants, it will be pertinent to eat it in its raw form rather than use black pepper sauce.

5. Black Pepper Is Good For Skin

Do you desire healthy skin? Then include the spice in your diet. You can also use it for exfoliating your skin. Make sure that you do not use it alone or it can cause a discomforting burning sensation. Remember the hot tang of your rice noodle soup bowl when you add the spice to it. Crush it and add a little bit to a mixture of curd and honey. Apply it for some time and then wash it off. It will help exfoliating and maintaining the original color of your skin.

6. Helpful in Losing Weight

Obesity and unwanted weight are two disorders that mostly affect the global urban population. Black pepper can help people who want to lose weight. The external layer of the spice contains phytonutrients that help in breaking down fat cells. It also boosts your body’s metabolism. Try licking some black pepper sauce. If you take too much, its hot taste will make you sweat. This helps in removing excess toxins and water from your body. However, this does not mean that you start gorging on spoonfuls of readymade pastes made from the spice. Just add a pinch to your meals and it will do the trick.

7. Aids in Combating Depression

Depression is a serious issue for most people in today’s world. Some people will show not-so-serious symptoms like overeating while others can take extreme steps that can endanger their lives. Piperine stimulates the brain and makes it more active. This can be helpful for people with depression. Some studies indicate that chewing the raw spice releases mood-inducing chemicals in the brain. This helps in calming the mind. You can also add a pinch to a rice noodle soup bowl or any other meal and give it to a person with the condition.

In addition to these benefits, the spice is also helpful in improving gut health by promoting the good bacteria in it. People who eat too much instant noodles and other processed food can face stomach issues. Black pepper can help fight such problems.

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