Beef & Black Pepper Sauce: A Classic Food Combination

Beef is one of the most popular food items in Malaysia and if you are looking for a distinct beef recipe right now, you just have arrived at the right place. We are going to share a beef recipe that has the delicacy worth dying for, we are going to share the recipe of Beef in Black Pepper Sauce.

Preparing tender strips of beef having black pepper stir fry sauce on them may be the fastest and easiest black pepper sauce recipe of all the recipes you may be knowing till now. You just need a couple of minutes to cook the beef and a little more time to mix appropriately in the sauce, and you are almost done.

Let us elaborate on the major ingredients along with the cooking steps for preparing this popular black pepper sauce recipe in Malaysia. Just have a quick look at them and get prepared to treat your loved ones to an incredible meal.

Ingredients For Beef In Black Pepper Sauce

Once you enter your kitchen for making the Beef in Black Pepper Sauce, just make sure that you are having the following cooking items at your hand.

  • Beef: You can’t even think of preparing the dish without it.
  • Honey: A prominent ingredient to define the flavour.
  • AsianMeals Black Pepper Sauce: The dominant ingredient for a tasty twist!

Instructions For Cooking The Beef In Black Pepper Sauce

  1. Heat the oil in a pan till it is smoking.
  2. Now add beef and stir it for a couple of minutes and put it aside in a separate bowl.
  3. Lower the heat and add the sauce mix, soon it will start simmering. Keep heating till the mix becomes syrupy in texture.
  4. Then, add beef and onion back in the same pan. Put AsianMeals Black Pepper Sauce and toss the ingredients to cook and mix well. Ensure not to overcook the beef.

Serve with rice immediately, and enjoy an awesome meal with your loved ones. We are certain that they will ask for more serving. Get AsianMeals Black Pepper Sauce and other ingredients now and make your day pleasant with a great meal.