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- Helmut F.J Holzer, Certified Master Chefs AAC, World Grand Master Chef, USA
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- Nick Johnson, President, Asian Etc LLC, Atlanta, USA
"Senang, cepat, sedap di makan, Resepi ringkas buat rakan rakan, Yang mahu mencuba dipersilakan"
- Anie Hamid, Johor
“Best instant noodle curry laksa I’ve tasted so far”
- Christine Wong, Petaling Jaya
"The range of texture, flavors and aromas with which these sauces and curries arouse the senses, transforming simple and quick meals into gourmet fare. These wonderful, wholesome, all natural AsianMeals are must in every household."
- Barb Lance, Personal Chef, USA
“The Garlic Sesame Noodle is heavenly”
- Liza Ng, J.B
"Can taste the complexities but it (the flavors) all works so well together!"
- Rachel Tepper, Yahoo! food, USA
"I'm shocked this sauce is from a pre-made mix (about the Black Pepper sauce)"
- Stephanie Genkin, CNN, USA
"You are great ambassador for Malaysian food"
- Dorene Internicola, Reuters, USA