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Noodles have long been a staple of many cuisines. They are thought to hold great significance in their culture. There are several sorts of noodles, each with its own flavour, colour, thickness, and cooking style. As far as we know, instant noodles are recognised around the world, yet each country has its own unique way of creating them.

Malaysia is no exception. Malaysians are well-known for their varied noodle meals. The black pepper udon noodles with black pepper sauce are one of them. After all of this noodle discussion, we’re sure you’re hungry. You’re in luck because AsianMeals has your back. We offer some delectable instant noodles in Malaysia that will satisfy your hunger.

8 Ways You Can Use To Cook Instant Noodles

Following these eight steps will significantly enhance the flavour and texture of your instant noodles in Malaysia. Let’s take a closer look at each stage.

1. Cook Soup And Noodles Separately

One of the most effective ways to improve the flavour of your instant noodles is to cook the broth and noodles separately.

Putting hot water, noodles, and soup all at once is really quick and convenient, but it drastically changes the taste of your noodles.

2. Cook Instant Noodles In Boiling Water

There is a significant difference between cooking instant noodles in warm water for 3 minutes versus boiling hot water for 3 minutes. Cooking the noodles in boiling hot water ensures uniform cooking and a wonderful texture and chewiness.

3- Noodles Should Be Cooked In A Lot Of Hot Water

Using a large amount of hot water to boil your noodles helps prevent the water temperature from dropping. This will keep your noodles from becoming sticky due to the starch in the noodles.

4. Do Not Touch The Noodle While Cooking

For at least the first minute of boiling, do not touch, stir, or poke your noodles. The water’s surface will shatter if you touch it, and the noodles will absorb too much water. The instant noodles will not cook uniformly.

5. Adhere With The Boiling Time

For the boiling time, you must set a timer. Each instant noodle in Malaysia requires a specific amount of cooking time. The companies always propose the ideal boiling time.

6. Before Serving, Pour Hot Water Into Your Noodle Bowl

Warm up your instant noodle bowl before starting the soup. Simply fill your ramen bowl with boiling water for a few minutes to cook it up. Remove the hot water from the noodle bowl and replace it with the soup package contents and fresh hot water.

7. Add The Appropriate Amount Of Water To The Soup Packet

The broth is one of the most significant aspects of ramen. To cook the soup, follow the recipe instructions. It should not be overly salty or too bland to produce the greatest instant noodle. A measuring cup will be required.

8. Put One Tea Spoon Baking Soda While Boiling Instant Noodles

When you do this, your instant noodles will taste like uncooked noodles. They’ll have a nice texture and chewiness

Choose AsianMeals For Best Quality Instant Noodles

We hope this blog will help you cook instant noodles in Malaysia efficiently. The next time when you feel like eating something tasty and quickly then trust AsianMeals rice noodle soup bowl which tastes heavenly and is super easy to make.

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