We all love good food but most of us do not have the time for cooking. Using readymade pastes in the kitchen offers an effective solution to this problem. Most of us try to satiate our craving for delicious meals by ordering food from outside or by eating out. Grabbing a bite outside once in a while is not bad. But you cannot do it regularly. Apart from health concerns, the habit can also burn a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, keeping a pre-mix like black pepper sauce from a reputed brand allows you to make a wholesome and flavorful dish easily. Some of you, especially homemakers must be thinking that such ready-to-use products are for students and singles. Read on to know how readymade mixes can help all kinds of people stir up yummy treats in a jiffy.

1. Single Professionals

Are you a single professional living apart from your family? Then readymade pastes are perfect for you. There is no need to collect various spices and other ingredients. You only need to purchase your favorite meat and vegetables. Just add the mix to the main ingredient in the prescribed manner and cook. A tasty meal will be ready within moments. Single professionals, especially those living in urban areas have little time for themselves. Most of them do not have the energy to spend a long time in the kitchen after a hard day’s work. They must keep a pack of black pepper sauce or any other paste to rustle up a healthy meal quickly.

2. Working Parents

Apart from single professionals, working parents will also find readymade pastes helpful. It is important that your child gets nutritious meals regularly. Parents with full-time jobs can sometimes find it hard to cook. Moreover, children must be presented with variety in their meals so that they develop a taste for all kinds of food. Having a packet of black pepper sauce or other such products in your pantry will be helpful. It will allow you to cook and serve wholesome and tasty food to your kids without any problem. All the professionals with kids must have a few basic pastes in their homes at all times.

3. Homemakers

It is a common perception that homemakers have ample time for cooking. But is it really so? Staying at home does not mean that a lady has all the time in the world. Modern-day homemakers have more responsibilities to handle than professionals. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, driving kids around- the list of household chores is endless. Add cooking to that and you have a really tired lady in the house. Moreover, situations like the arrival of sudden guests create unique problems for homemakers. Readymade pastes act as a savior for them. They can use the products to cook regular meals or special dishes easily. There is no need to gather multiple ingredients and then cut and grind them. They have to just open a pack of a product like stir fry sauce and cook a dish in minutes. 

4. Foodies

Another group of people that will love pre-made cooking mixtures is foodies. People who have a special interest in food are always trying different cuisines. They love to taste the flavors offered by various culinary cultures. They also like to try their hand at cooking the dishes. If you look closely at Malaysian cuisine, you will find it is influenced by a variety of cultures. This means that some dishes require a wide range of spices and other ingredients to prepare. Finding every single ingredient can be tough. Readymade pastes give them the chance to satiate their love for food easily. One product can be used to make many dishes. For instance, if you have black pepper sauce, then you can make beef, chicken, seafood, and even noodles. 

5. Students

Students are arguably the most careless when it comes to having regular and healthy eating habits. Most of them try to satiate their hunger through ready to eat meals like a rice noodle soup bowl. Irregular eating habits can lead to several health issues. It can be tough for students to find time from their study schedule to cook. Of all the people that we are discussing here, students probably need readymade pastes the most. If they are not living with family, then the problem gets compounded as they try to find cheap eating options outside. Using cooking pastes enables them to make various healthy dishes at home easily. 

6. Young Couples

Young people who have just got married or have just started a family will also find cooking mixes handy. Such couples are focused on saving money for the future. For them, cooking elaborate recipes will mean spending money on collecting the key ingredients. Even regular spices and other kitchen staples have become costly. Let’s say you plan to make a dish that uses the black pepper sauce, in the traditional way. It is never going to be cheap to gather all the necessary ingredients along with the meat that you plan to cook with the sauce. Using cooking pastes allows young couples to enjoy savory treats without spending too much money.

Why AsianMeals Readymade Pastes Are Perfect For Everyone?   

AsianMeals is a reputed brand that has been around for more than 30 years. It has been preserving the rich heritage of Malaysian cuisine by creating a vast library of over 350 sauces, pastes, and dips. The company is known for creating high-quality products. Its expertise and unwavering commitment to quality are reflected in prestigious certifications such as HACCP, FSSC 22000, GMP, and ISO 9001. Apart from this, the brand is registered with the US FDA and all its products including the black pepper sauce are certified Halal.

The company does not use artificial colors or preservatives in its products. You will not find MSG and gluten in any of its products including the stir fry sauce. Care Food Industries, the organization that owns the brand has won prestigious international awards. It won the “Going Global Award 2019” in a strong field that had 53 finalists from around the world. It’s rice noodle soup bowl and other soup bowls were the winners at the ANUGA Taste Innovation Show, 2019 in Germany. AsianMeals sauces are made from authentic traditional recipes and are designed to give you rich and genuine flavors.

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