instant noodles in Malaysia

Instant noodles have become a very popular choice for individuals seeking a quick solution for their hunger without putting any effort into cooking. You can easily find a huge array of different flavours of instant noodles in Malaysia, proving their popularity. Since they are easy to cook, can be prepared quickly and come in a variety of flavours, their popularity is not going to fade anytime soon.

What Exactly Are Instant Noodles Made Up Of?

Instant noodles are usually made with wheat or rice flour and have salt and water as the main ingredients. It’s available either in packets or in cups for customers. Often sachets of seasoning are also provided with them. These sachets may include some chopped dried vegetables. It can be cooked in a quicker time i.e; normally around 5 to 10 minutes.

Major Reasons for Unparalleled Fame of Noodles

Instant noodles are not only popular in Malaysia but worldwide. Some of the major reasons for its unbeatable fame are as follows:

  • Easy and quick to cook
  • Easy to store or carry
  • Long shelf life
  • Affordable price
  • Available in various flavours

Major Doubts or Myths Regarding Instant Noodles And Their Clarification

Instant noodles also have several misconceptions revolving around them. We are assured some questions may come to your mind too while consuming instant noodles. Some of the major myths are mentioned and addressed below:

1- Are instant noodles coated with wax?

Due to its glossy appearance, people often wonder if it is coated with wax. This is a false myth. During manufacturing processes, it has to go through high heat treatment, steaming, and drying. During these processes, moisture reduces and surface expansion rises causing a glossy appearance.

2- Are noodles added with preservatives?

Instant noodles by reputed brands avoid adding preservatives. Also, it is not required to be added since noodles are dried food. Therefore, myths regarding the addition of preservatives are also false.

3- What makes instant noodles so elastic?

Some individuals believe plasticizer is added to instant noodles to make them elastic. It is not true. As we have mentioned above, noodles are usually made up of medium to high-protein wheat or rice flour. The protein known as gluten is the reason for elasticity since it forms a gluten network. The presence of salt further strengthens the gluten network, thus, giving a chewy, elastic texture to instant noodles.

4- Do noodles have high fat and salt content?

Fat content in deep-fried and dried noodles varies. Deep-fried noodles may contain up to 20% fat whereas air-dried noodles contain around 1% fat. For salt content, 0.8 to 2.4g of salt is found in 100g of instant noodles. These amounts are within permissible limits according to industry-defined standards.

5- Are noodles really harmful to our health?

Consuming a significantly large amount of instant noodles may pose some risks regarding metabolic syndrome like obesity at the waist, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and risk of heart disease. Its consumption should be limited to cancel out the risk.

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