Cooking meat curries are the best solution to satisfy your appetite if you are a passionate meat lover. With the aid of rendang paste, you may swiftly prepare a meat curry on the weekend. Steamed rice is typically the ideal side dish for meat curries.

Every region of the country, including Malaysia, has its distinctive meat curries. One such dish is the famous rendang curry, which AsianMeals rendang curry paste makes simple to prepare so you can experiment with limitless flavour combinations.

Make These Mind-Blowing Meat Curry Improvements With These 5 Tips

1. Use Meat Of High Grade

Although it seems obvious, this is important. Use meats with a high meat-to-bone ratio that have been diced up nearly the same size to guarantee equal cooking. Bone-in chunks are desirable since they don’t dry out quickly and ensure juicy quantities in your curry.

2. Marinate The Meat

Even if it’s simply for a few hours, marinating your meat is always recommended. It enhances flavour and helps the meats retain moisture throughout cooking, preventing drying out.

For instance, you may marinate meat in lemon juice, a naturally occurring acid, to help tenderise and make the protein more easily digested. To improve the flavour, you may also add AsianMeals rendang curry paste.

3. Fry The Meat Chunks

To improve the flavour of the meat pieces after marinating, fry them. They should be spread out and given time in a vessel with a thick bottom to softly brown all over.

Reintroduce them when the curry is almost done cooking. To thicken the curry, you must also boil it for a more extended period of time than usual. By doing this, you can avoid overcooking the meat.

4. Cut Tomatoes And Onions Very Finely

Onions and tomatoes make up the base of your curry. If you want a rich curry, chop the ingredients extremely finely rather than in larger pieces. If the onions are finely chopped, they will caramelize more successfully, resulting in a darker, tastier base.

However, what if you need more time to chop the tomatoes and onions? To make cooking quick and simple, add the rendang curry paste. Use AsianMeals Rendang curry paste to create a delicious rendang curry.

5. Cook On A Low Flame

It takes time for a curry’s flavour to develop. Rushing it increases the possibility that it may burn or, worse, that the meat will be overcooked. Be careful when adding your ingredients and cook them on medium-low heat to give them time to blend and enrich the flavour of your curry.

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