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If you are a voracious meat eater, cooking meat curries are the best way to satiate that craving. You can quickly whip up a meat curry on a weekend with the help of meat curry paste. Generally, meat curries are best complemented with steamed rice.

Every part of the nation, including Malaysia, has different meat curries, like the famous beef curry which can easily be made with Asian Meals rendang curry paste, so you may test out countless variations based on your preferred flavours.

Three essential flavours are included in any excellent curry: whole spices, aromatics like ginger, garlic, and chillies, and onions with tomato, yoghurt, and coconut milk for the sauce. Every time you combine them in different ratios, you’ll get a fantastic curry.

5 Tips To Make A Mind-Blowing Tips To Elevate Your Meat Curry

Here are some of our favourite pointers for consistently making mouthwatering, meaty curries!

1- Use Meat Of High Grade

Although it can seem a little apparent, this is crucial. To ensure even cooking, use meats with a high meat-to-bone ratio that have been sliced up roughly the same size. Since they don’t dry out soon and guarantee juicy portions in your curry, bone-in pieces are preferable.

2- Marinate The Meat

You should always marinate your meat, even if only for 15 to 30 minutes. It improves flavour and aids with the meats’ ability to seal in liquids, preventing drying out when cooked.

Lemon juice, for example, is a naturally occurring acid that you can use to marinate meat in to help tenderize it and make the protein more easily digestible. You can also use AsianMeals meat curry paste to enhance the flavour too.

3- Fry The Meat Chunks

Fry the chunks of meat after they have been marinated to enhance the flavour. They should be spread out and given time to softly brown all over in a container with a thick bottom.

When the curry is almost finished cooking, reintroduce them. Additionally,  you need to boil the curry for longer than normal to thicken it, doing this will prevent you from overcooking the meat.

4- Cut Tomatoes And Onions Very Finely

Your curry’s foundation is made up of onions and tomatoes. You should cut the ingredients very finely rather than in bigger bits if you want a rich curry. The onions will caramelize more effectively if they are finely chopped, resulting in a darker, tastier foundation.

But what if you do not have ample time to cut onions and tomatoes? Add meat curry paste for easy and fast cooking. If you are looking to make a tasty rendang curry then use Asian Meals Rendang curry paste.

5- Cook On A Low Flame

A curry’s flavour takes time to develop. Rushing it increases the likelihood of burning it or, worse, overcooking the meat. To give your ingredients time to combine and deepen the flavour of your curry, be patient when adding them and simmer them on medium-low heat.

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You could occasionally feel drained and not like cooking. The best approach to preparing traditional Malay cuisine is with meat curry pastes. One such condiment that can be used to quickly prepare delicious dishes is Asian meals rendang paste. So make us your greatest cooking partner by purchasing something from our extensive selection now.

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