instant noodles

When it comes to getting something quick to eat, instant noodles are one of the most sought after choices worldwide. This food item is equally popular among all age groups in Malaysia. With its different variants like dried, pre-cooked or rice noodle soup, it is one of the favourite snacks of common people.   

How Instant Noodles Are Made?

Instant noodles are usually processed using flavouring powder and seasoning oil. You need to soak dried noodles and rice noodle soup bowls in boiling water for a while to eat them. Whether it is dried noodles or rice noodle soup, there are several instant noodles brands in Malaysia. These noodles are available in sealed containers that can be used for soaking the noodle content in them.

3 Popular Flavours of Instant Noodles

Since it is easy and convenient to cook, people love to eat instant noodles, especially children. You can easily buy different flavours of instant noodles from the market and make a healthy and tasty meal at home without any hassles. If you think your flavour choices are limited to only some generic ones, you are here for a surprise. 

We are here to share and elaborate on some unique instant noodle flavours. AsianMeals is a renowned company for offering the best instant rice noodles soup in Malaysia and 3 of the most popular ones are as follows. 

  • Curry Laksa: If you are craving a proper gourmet experience, then Curry Laksa Rice Noodle Soup bowls are the perfect choices to avail. If you are looking for a unique taste then choosing this variant is going to be worth it. This savoury flavour is apt for an instant breakfast any lazy can whip up and enjoy. 
  • Tom Yum: This is one of the classic flavour variants popular among the instant noodles brands in Malaysia. Tom yum is a hot and sour kind of Thai soup that is preferably cooked with shrimp. The term “Tom” signifies the boiling process, while “yam” refers to mixing. 
  • Garlic Sesame: Garlic Sesame variant of Rice Noodle Soup bowl comprises a special fragrance due to the fantastic blend of garlic and sesame. This flavour variant of hot soup noodles is certainly going to uplift your appetite many times. You are going to enjoy a wholesome and healthy diet.  

Get The Best instant Noodles in Malaysia From AsianMeals

Consider your search for savoury rice noodle soups ended with AsianMeals. Whether you need TomYum, Curry Laksa or Garlic Sesame, you can get the finest quality noodles from AsianMeals. Explore the range and pick your favourite flavour of yummy rice noodles soup now.