Instant noodles in Malaysia are frequently found in eateries. They make it possible for you to swiftly and pleasantly satisfy your hunger. They are highly prized edible products that transcend gender and age boundaries due to their quick and easy preparation.

Every foodie’s go-to snack in Malaysia has always been instant noodles, whether it’s enjoying a nice bowl of Maggi noodles on a rainy day or enjoying chowmein with your team at the college cafeteria. There are a surprisingly large number of fascinating details about instant noodles in  Malaysia. Did you know that the Japanese, not the Chinese, actually created instant noodles? Here are some even more amazing facts about noodles, your all-time favourite dish.

3 Mind-boggling facts about instant noodles that are super interesting

1. Instant noodles were once a luxury item

Ironically, instant noodles in Malaysia are one of the most affordable meals accessible today. But that wasn’t always the case. Instant ramen was originally priced at 35 yen and was considered to be a luxury good due to its high cost and novelty. Noodles are now more widely available to consumers thanks to the start of their mass manufacturing and the globalisation of the food industry.

2. Noodles were introduced in China 4000 years ago

The oldest known noodles were made from millet, a type of cereal grain, and were invented in China around 2,000 BC. Archaeologists in China discovered the oldest instant noodle artefacts 4,000 years ago. A group of researchers allegedly discovered a 4,000-year-old pottery bowl with noodles in 2005 at the Lajia archaeological site in northern China.

3. A museum dedicated to instant noodles

At the cup noodle museum in Yokohama, visitors can watch chicken ramen made by hand in a facility. There is even a cup noodle park inside the exhibit. As they consume cup noodles from the noodle’s viewpoint, children enjoy learning about the entire production process, from making the noodles to sending them out. Kids can learn how instant noodles in Malaysia are made by using the park’s slides and other creative features.

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