Sambal Sauce is well known for making even the most boring ingredients mouthwatering. It is a vibrant and complex sauce. If you are trying it for the first time make sure that you try this dish in its most original form. To ensure that, you can order it from an authentic sambal sauce supplier like AsianMeals.

The chili in the sambal sauce gives it its fiery heat, and tamarind adds to its tanginess. The sugar and garlic add sweetness and depth, while the palm oil and shrimp paste add a savory umami. Overall, it is a versatile condiment that can add heat, flavor, and complexity to various dishes, from grilled vegetables to meats to stir-fries to noodles.

Here are the top three recipes by our favorite and most authentic curry paste supplier AsianMeals that use sambal sauce to its best:

1. Sambal Chicken: The taste of chicken goes well with the taste of sambal paste because the savory, umami flavor of the chicken complements the fiery heat and salty tang of the sambal paste. The chicken also helps to mellow out the heat of the sambal paste, making it a more balanced and enjoyable dish.
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Here is their Sambal Chicken recipe:

1. 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce
2. 50gm onions, sliced
3. 400gm whole chicken thigh, cut into serving sizes, – lightly marinate with salt and pan-fried in a little oil until brown
4. Coriander leaf for garnishing
Cooking Method:
1. Preheat wok and add Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce, add in onions, and stir fry until soft.
2. At high heat add chicken and stir fry to mix well for 3 minutes until tender.
3. Garnish with coriander to serve.

Chef tips: Chicken can be replaced with other meat, seafood, or just vegetables.

2. Kam Heong Prawns: The expert sambal sauce supplier, AsianMeals knows how the sweet, briny, and umami flavor of Kam Heong prawns pairs perfectly with the fiery heat and chili flavor of sambal paste. The prawns help to mellow out the heat of the sambal, while the sambal paste adds a touch of excitement to the dish. The result is a delicious and well-balanced combination of flavors that is sure to please.

This is made possible by AsianMeals curry paste supplier who is really the best at providing the most authentic flavor all over Asia.
Here is their recipe for Kam Heong Prawns:

1. 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce
2. 400gm prawns, deveined, leave the tails intact
3. 50gm onions, sliced
4. 20gm dried shrimps
5. 2 pieces dried chilli, cut into halves
6. 2 tablespoons cooking oil
7. 1 stem of curry leaf

Cooking Method:
1. Preheat the wok with oil, fry dried shrimp with onion until fragrant, then add Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce.
2. At high heat, add prawns to stir fry for 2 minutes until prawns are cooked. 3. Add in curry leaf and chilli, stir fry for another 2 minutes to fry until dry.

Chef tips: For bigger prawns, you may want to leave the shells on for more intense frying.

3. Mee Siam: The sweetness of the Mee Siam noodles helps to balance out the heat of the sambal paste, making this dish the perfect combination.

Here is a recipe from the expert curry paste supplier AsianMeals that allows you to have the taste of Mee Siam in its most authentic form.

1. 120gm (4.2oz) of Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce
2. 300gm rice noodles,
3. Pre-blanched 40gm prawns, cleaned and deveined
4. 40gm chicken meat,
5. Sliced 30gm bean sprouts
6. 1 medium red chili, cut into strips
Garnishing: fried shallots and strips of plain omelet.

Cooking Method:
1. Preheat the wok and add in Asian Meals Sambal Tumis sauce.
2. At high heat, add chicken and prawns, and stir fry for 2 minutes.
3. Add in rice noodles and vegetables, stir fry for a further 3 minutes, garnish to serve.

Chef tips: Rice noodles can be replaced with pasta, best with angel hair pasta.

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