Malaysian instant noodles

Instant noodles in Malaysia are particularly convenient. They are easy to consume and may be eaten anywhere and at any time. However, the flavour might get monotonous and require an improvement to make it more appealing. We’ve compiled a list of ten methods to improve the flavour of your instant noodles.

10 Incredible Ways To Customize Your Instant Noodles in Malaysia

1- American Cheese

Individually wrapped slices of American cheese are great for sandwiches and burgers but those slices can be a great addition to instant noodles as well. When melted on top of hot noodle soup, the thin, greasy cheese-like product functions in amazingly delicious ways.

2- Bok Choy

Asian greens wilt when they come into touch with hot soup and provide a great contrast to the spices and meats you’ll be adding. Make careful to properly wash your greens, then wash them again—nothing destroys an expertly prepared bowl of instant noodles like a little sand.

3- Eggs

It is often considered that an egg should always be mixed into your instant noodles It is entirely up to you to shape your egg. Add a fried egg or a poached egg that can be cracked over the noodles and liquid with exquisite runniness to the dish.

4- Frozen Vegetables

Every freezer has a bag of frozen peas, corn, or spinach on hand. Run under warm water for a few minutes to thaw before draining and adding to the broth. It adds texture, plus you’re now eating vegetables!

5- Fish Cakes

These are normally pre-cooked and frozen and can be bought at many Asian grocery stores. Defrost, thinly sliced, and put into your rice noodle soup bowl, or skewer and serve on the side. It adds a delicate sweetness as well as a delightfully fishy feel. Similarly, Japanese kamaboko, which are colourful loaves of thinly sliced processed fish, may accomplish the same feat.

6- Kimchi

At your local Korean grocery shop, you’ll discover a variety of kimchi (cucumber, chive). Cabbage kimchi is far more common. All of these flavours work well in instant noodles, bringing a funky and salty element that can coexist with any broth.

7- Pickled Ginger

Raw ginger is far too bitter for instant noodles, but pickled ginger provides a lovely contrast to the spiciness and a little bite. It can also serve as a refresher between bites of other meals on the table

8- Scallions

Scallions (or green onions), a near-universal garnish in East Asian cookery, lend freshness to a rehydrated dish. But don’t overdo it—you don’t want scallions in every bite.

9- Sriracha

Sriracha sauce can really make your Malaysian instant noodles spicy yet tasty. You must have some in the fridge.

10- Miso Paste or Doenjang

Miso is sweeter than salty Japanese paste produced from fermented grains. Doenjang makes use of soybeans. Both can be added when a broth begins to droop.

Asian meals Sauces Add Flavour To Instant Noodles

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